Ariana Grande obsessed fan arrested for trespassing with a love note

Obsessed fan

An obsessed fan of Ariana Grande has been arrested for showing up at her house with a love note.

Obsessed fan
The fan said to be in his 20s, knocked and asked for the singer around 2:00 pm on Saturday, March 14. It is unclear how the fan bypassed the security measures to get all the way to Ariana’s house.

TMZ however, reported that the property manager who answered the door told the intruder she was not at home.

The cops were called in and the man was immediately arrested near the house. He, however, spat on one of the officers. A love letter and directions to her house were found on the intruder after a search was conducted on him.

The obsessed fan has been booked for “misdemeanor trespassing and felony battery. This was just a few weeks after someone called in a showing at Ariana’s house.

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