NEW MUSIC: ‘Corona Distance’ by Bebe Cool is now out

By Staff Writer

Bebe Cool’s brand new song featuring all-stars is relevant to what the whole is going through and a single listen tells you that it is an educative hit.

The song which is now out, features Fik Fameica, Fresh Kid, APass, Paper Daddy, Fresh Daddy, Vinka, Awazi, John Blaq and others. It was recorded to raise awareness about COVID19 that is sweeping across the world and claiming many lives.

In the song, Bebe Cool and his fellow stars call upon Ugandans to stay at home, wash their hands with water and soap to prevent Covid-19.

You can now listen to it here.

While releasing the song, Bebe Cool has this message for Ugandans.

‘I would like to thank all the artistes who have participated in this chapter because they did this without any payment and would like to encourage you to also dedicate your platforms to educate our followers more about Corona virus and to follow the directives of the president and the ministry of health. Look out for chapter TWO featuring more big UGANDAN stars from different districts/regions doing it in different LANGUAGES.
Look out for the chapter one video next week, but as our fans you can all choose a part of an artist you love, sing his part, record your self and post.
This #CORONADISTANCECHALLENGE is meant to push more awareness about Coronavirus, entertain us and at least divert us away from worries as we stay indoors.’

Coronavirus is spread through sneezing, coughing or contact with contaminated surfaces. To avoid the disease, wash your hands with soap regularly, don’t spit in public, avoid crowds and stay home if you have flu. Protect yourself and your loved ones. Let’s fight Corona together. This message is from the Ministry of Health and supported by MTN.

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