Trump Is A Complete Joker

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Media personality Daddy Freeze has reacted to US President Donald Trump ordering religious houses to reopen amidst the pandemic.

According to Trump, America needs more prayer and not less.

Reacting to this, Freeze called the president a joker saying if that is what is needed, people can pray in their homes.

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If America truly needs more prayers then people should pray at home, most of the New Testament church gatherings were in people’s homes!

”Trump is a complete joker, America failed woefully with the response to COVID19 leading to the highest number of infections and deaths globally, now this???

”Why does he want to sacrifice more lives? Pray on Zoom, pray at home this is not worshipping God, this is testing God (Mat4:7). So far, 33 pastors have died of Covid19 in the US.

”He doesn’t even have the legal power to do this and doesn’t be mistaken, this has nothing to do with prayers or God and everything to do with politics and re-elections! FRZ”

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